In Focus: Mary Therese’s Silk Paintings

For this week’s In Focus, we take a look at Mary Therese’s silk paintings that are on display for the “Flying Circles” exhibit at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.

In Focus: The March Exhibit

For this week’s In Focus, we take a look at the Brainerd Franklin Art Center’s newest exhibit, focusing on racial injustice and the celebration of Black History Month.

In Focus: Climate, Energy, and the Community

For this week’s In Focus, we explore the new Climate, Energy and Community: What We Can Do exhibit at the Headwaters Science Center in Bemidji.

In Focus: Mary Tuomi’s Paintings

For this week’s In Focus, we take a look at what makes Mary Tuomi’s paintings unique!

Electrifying Minnesota

For this week’s In Focus, find out about the new ‘electrifying’ exhibit at the Beltrami County History Center.

In Focus: Julia Lee’s New Novel “Seven Stones”

There are many published authors in the world, but not many are under the age of thirty and live in northern Minnesota. Julia Lee may be a young author, but her soon-to-be-published novel shows evidence of wisdom beyond her years. For this week’s In Focus, our Catherine...

In Focus: Reflections of Morocco Exhibit

In a time where Minnesota is covered in snow and ice, a Grand Rapids man is giving people a visual escape to a much warmer climate. Artist David McDonald has translated his time working with the Peace Corps in Morocco into a multi-media display at the MacRostie Art Center. For...

In Focus: 12th Annual It’s Only Clay Exhibit

It may only be clay, but artists from all over the country have turned dirt and water into much more than just minerals. The Watermark Art Center’s 12th annual “It’s Only Clay” juried art show is back in Bemidji, and it’s showcasing a sampling of...

In Focus: Mask & Rose Theater Presents “Labels”

A play in Bemidji is spreading a message through the art of theater that labels don’t define us. It’s appropriately called “Labels,” and director and writer Cate Belleveau says it’s about coming together for social change. The idea behind the...

IF – Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Reads at CLC

Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy K. Smith read poetry at CLC today. The Princeton Professor is the final speaker of the 2014 Verse Like Water series. She read several excerpts from her books, including passages from the prize winning “Life on Mars.” Smith says she finds inspiration in...

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