In Focus: Good Sports of the North

The Beltrami County Historical Society is playing host to the Good Sports of the North exhibit. Inside, there are fifteen different boards that tell stories of athletes that achieved greatness in Bemidji and surrounding areas. The exhibit also features vintage sports equipment...
Posted On 24 Jul 2015

Bemidji Homeless Shelter

The Nameless Coalition for the Homeless in Bemidji has been pushing for a new shelter in the downtown area. Their hope is to create an ideal spot for those in need, especially those who deal with alcoholism issues, to conveniently seek shelter in winter months. Learn more about...

Local Brainerd Man Beats Hepatitis C

Meet Steven Hobson. He’s a 62-year-old veteran from Bemidji now living in Brainerd. In the mid-70’s he joined the military and was stationed in Germany during the Vietnam War. One early morning while helping on-call in the hepatitis ward his life changed. After followup tests...

Fishing Tips: Crank Baits

Crank-baits are very versatile in catching different species in different settings, but picking the right bait can prove challenging. Ray Gildow of the Nisswa Guides League and Mandy Uhrich, the “Bassing Biologist,” offer their advice in choosing the right crank-bait...
Posted On 23 Jul 2015

Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers Still Missing Almost a Decade Later

It’s been ten years since the night that Judy Garland’s red ruby slippers in the classic film “The Wizard of Oz,” were stolen at a museum in Grand Rapids. The museum is dedicated to her and all of her work. Now, an anonymous individual from Arizona has...
Posted On 23 Jul 2015

Half A Million Trees Blown Over in Brainerd Lakes Area

Pillsburby State Forest was in the heart of last week’s ferocious storm and lost over 1300 acres of trees. With that much downed timber the DNR is looking for the best way to use the available wood. Over the next couple of weeks the DNR will assess the trees left standing...

Walk Across America

79 year old Don Stevenson with his wife Loretta make the long journey across America to raise money and awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension.

7-on-7 Passing Scrimmage

Three local teams took part in a 7-on-7 passing scrimmage on Bemidji State’s campus. And although the season may be a few weeks away, the teams have already started grinding. Whistles echoed and footballs were flying today on BSU’s campus, as local high school teams...

Vote Gull Lake

There are 27,407 lakes in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. And of those lakes only 15 qualified for Michelob Golden Light’s Celebrate Your Lake competition. And Visit Brainerd says only one lake deserves the votes and the crown. The winning lake will get $50,000 towards...

Oak Hills Demolition

Oak Hills Christian College had its administration building built in 1947. It’s been the central part of campus since, but it was demolished on Wednesday. The school has long-term plans to replace it, however. Learn more about the story here.

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