Community Spotlight: 32nd Annual Blueberry Festival

The Community of Lake George celebrates it’s 32nd Annual Blueberry Festival despite the lack of Blueberries.  A late spring freeze has forced businesses in Lake George to use reserve berries that were froze and stored from last year.

Community Spotlight – Northland Arboretum Orienteering Class

You’re lost in the woods, with no cellphone service. What do you do? An orienteering class at the Northland Arboretum helped community members with the answer. The class taught students a variety of skills to help with compass and map use. And although some students were learning...

Community Spotlight – Brainerd Miracle League

Once a week the Miracle League gives mentally and/or physically challenged kids in Brainerd a chance to hit, pitch, and run the bases just like a big league baseball player. Last week, the Miracle League teams got a special visit from KLN Family Brands out of Perham and their...

Community Spotlight: Presidential History Being Restored in Bemidji

President George H. W. Bush trained for WWII in Minnesota, now the plane he trained in has been brought home and is being restored so that it can be reunited with it’s presidential pilot.

Community Spotlight – Whitefish Chain Antique and Classic Wood Boat Rendezvous

It all started in 1988 with a mere 10 boats and an idea. Now 28 years later, it’s grown in to a daylong spectacle with over 50 antique wood boats. And after 28 years both boaters and enthusiasts alike say it’s all about tradition. And although the boat show is all about something...

Community Spotlight: Swimming the Mississippi

Chris Ring and his small crew started at Lake Itasca and continue to work their way further south. The journey is meant to raise awareness for Gold Star military families and the sacrifice they’ve made for their country. Find out more about the story here.

Community Spotlight: Seniors Take Class To Prepare & Prevent Falls

15 seniors are gathering every Monday at the Brainerd Library participating in an eight-week course to ease their minds about falling. The instructors say it’s important to get our seniors thinking about the best ways to take care of themselves. The eight-week course goes over...

Community Spotlight: Fishing Stories Go Big During Kids Free Fishing Clinic

Ready, set cast. Kids in Brainerd this weekend got a free introduction to one of Minnesota’s favorite pastimes. They learned how to tie knots, bait and set hooks as well as how to prevent the spread of invasive species. And the clinic organizers say the event helped grow the...

Community Spotlight: Sue Doeden’s “Homemade with Honey”

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Local television host and cooking instructor, Sue Doeden, has a new cookbook, titled “Homemade with Honey.” More about the new cookbook and bee-keeping here.  

Community Spotlight: German Immersion

Adult students visited the German area of Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji for an experience in immersion, where they’d speak German all day for an entire week of activities. Find out more about the story here.

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