Agencies Conduct Major Drug Bust in Beltrami County

  A man who authorities believe is the ring leader of a methamphetamine trafficking organization has landed behind bars. Phillip Eugene Gurzi and three other people were arrested on Tuesday fro their alledged involvement in a drug smuggling and distribution enterprise in the...

Brainerd Father and Son Arraigned for Stabbing

  A Brainerd father and son have been arraigned for their connection to a stabbing at a downtown Brainerd bar on Sunday.  The stabbing occurred outside the Pit Stop Bar on the 700 block of Laurel Street at 12:40 am.  23 year-old Jorie Richard Ray has been charged with first...
Posted On 19 Mar 2014

Select committee and local leaders release legislative recommendations to combat synthetic drugs

  Synthetic marijuana, also known as “spice,” and bath salts are both well-known examples of synthetic drugs. For the last six months, hearings have been organized across the state to address the relatively new issue of synthetic drug abuse. Finally, local...
Posted On 03 Feb 2014

Troy Martin “Not Guilty”

  Signs of relief and tears of joy filled the courtroom this afternoon as Troy Martin was found not guilty for the accidental murder of his sister Leisa Martin in 1998. After a gripping seven days in trial, the defense and the state gave their closing arguments Thursday...

Troy Martin Trial: Day Two

  Missing reports, false statements, arguments and objections consumed the second day of the Troy Martin murder trial. The cold case of two Bagley brothers charged with the accidental death of their sister Leisa Martin in 1998 returned to court Wednesday in Bemidji. Trial...

15-Year-Old Bagley Cold Case Back on Trial

*CORRECTION: PREVIOUS REPORT SAYS TROY MARTIN WAS CONVICTED BY A GRAND JURY. THIS IS INCORRECT. TROY MARTIN WAS “INDICTED.” A 15-year-old cold case in Bagley of two brothers charged with accidental murder of their own sister is back in court, again. One of the...

Dane Riley Found Guilty of Murdering Cousin

  After a five-day trial,  a Cass County jury convicted Park Rapids man Dane Riley Friday of murdering, burning and dismembering his cousin Mark Huesmann in July of 2012. Riley was found guilty on three counts; second degree murder, interfering with a dead body and illegal...

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