Bemidji State Housing Project Breaks Ground

University Heights will be a 56-bed apartment complex at Bemidji State. It will feature 16 apartments spread through four floors. To celebrate years of hard work, Bemidji government officials took part in a ground-breaking ceremony. The project has an estimated summer 2016...

School Board Holds Special Session on Construction Timeline and Cost Estimate

The Bemidji School District board held a special session meeting Monday night to discuss the construction timeline and the estimated cost of the new Gene Dillon Elementary school they want finished by September 2017. Construction managers that have been working with the district...
Posted On 28 Jul 2015

Oak Hills Demolition

Oak Hills Christian College had its administration building built in 1947. It’s been the central part of campus since, but it was demolished on Wednesday. The school has long-term plans to replace it, however. Learn more about the story here.

Reunion Gives Alumni School Tours

Bemidji High School was the central area for the Bemidji All School Reunion, and on Friday students provided the public with tours. Elementary and middle schools in the district were open for visitors as well. Learn more about the story here.

Confusion over Bemidji’s All School Reunion

Brief confusion over Bemidji’s All- School Reunion when another Facebook group that went by the same name  cancels their event leaving the official school reunion committee scrambling to get the word out that the reunion is still on for the weekend of July 16- 19th.

Familiar Face Retakes Brainerd School’s Superintendent Desk

For the second year in a row there is a new educator and new philosophy sitting behind the desk in Washington’s room 207. And for Bob Gross it’s a desk he sat at for 18 years from 1981 to 1999. And his past experience with Brainerd is why the school board members choice him to...

Brainerd History Week Gets Native American Lesson

Before the train depot helped settle Brainerd the Ojibwe called the area home. And before the Ojibwe it was the Dakota people that lived here. Today during a lecture at Central Lakes College during Brainerd’s History Week, audience members got a history of the Native American...

CLC Extinguishing Their Tobacco Products

Smoking only outside certain doors signs at CLC will be replaced tobacco free college signs across their campuses. CLC plans to instate their tobacco-less initiative as a way to make the classroom more like the workplace. CLC worked with some local agencies including Clearway...

Camp Nursing Certificate Program

Bemidji State University is offering a new camp nursing certificate program, one of the only programs of it’s kind offered in the country.

NTC & BHS: Mechatronics Training Program

For this week’s Golden Apple: Eight students from Bemidji High School received their certificates of completion for the Mechatronics Training Program.

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