Community Spotlight: Frozen Flop

They’re a bird, they’re a clown, they’re a cowboy. Well whatever they dressed up to be they were flopping into a frigid Gull Lake to raise money for charity. The 3rd annual Frozen Flop kicked off the 10th annual Frozen Fore festivities. And what’s a better way to kick off the...

Graduation Rates Rising For Area Schools

That has been the motto with area schools such as Pequot Lakes. Being a name, not just a number, as they try to prepare their students for success. Last year, Pequot Lakes graduated 97% of its senior class; a figure they have seen rise from 86% only 4 years ago. Another school...

Riverfront Supporters Hope to Reconnect with Mississippi Roots

In the 1800s Northern Pacific Railroad was forced to build a bridge over the Mississippi River. When they also built a train depot, they founded Brainerd. Now over 140 years later Brainerd Riverfront supporters are looking to reconnect Brainerd to its Mississippi River roots....

Darrel Olson is Back as Mayor of Baxter

Baxter’s Mayor Darrel Olson got a rare 30 days away from the mayor’s desk this month. It happened after the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) of Minnesota informed Mayor Olson last year that while filing for his retirement benefits a year and a half earlier a rare...

Puppy Rescued at Red Lake

Tragedy was avoided on February 20th when a towing company driver discovered a puppy in distress on the Red Lake reservation.

Take Your Trash With You When You Move Your Ice House

Butts, fish bait, beer cans and boxes and wood blocks. They all have to be removed from the lake when ice fisherman leave for the season. Because if they’re not removed they could end up in the lake when the ice thaws. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding...

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