Buster Dog Park Hit With Parvovirus

Today, a tennis ball sits unplayed and Buster Dog Park is vacant nearly a week after a dog became sick with Parvovirus. The park remains open at this time, and local veterinarians urge caution, but preach vaccination. However, Parks and Recreation Director Tony Sailer sa...

Community Spotlight: Presidential History Being Restored in Bemidji

President George H. W. Bush trained for WWII in Minnesota, now the plane he trained in has been brought home and is being restored so that it can be reunited with it’s presidential pilot.

New Business Facilities Coming To Brainerd

Construction noises can be heard throughout Brainerd. Among them include a new AutoZone and FedEx location. The AutoZone will be taking a vacant spot on the western edge of town while FedEx will be taking a nine-acre property on the south side of town. With these new businesses...

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