Making a gift to Lakeland Public Television in a will is a gift everyone can make. Your bequest, no matter what the size will help secure the future of public TV in north and central Minnesota.

If you value the programming and educational services that Lakeland Public Television provides to our community, please take the time to include us in your estate plan. By doing so, you will make an investment in quality broadcasting and education that will pay dividends time and time again.

Making a bequest to Lakeland Public Television is neither difficult nor expensive. If you are making a will or updating an existing will, simple language can be inserted to make a bequest to Lakeland Public Television. If you already have a will, you can add Lakeland Public Television by means of a simple codicil without redrafting the document.

Only you can make the decision as to how much you want to give. The amount you decide to give is a decision based on you and your family’s circumstances. If circumstances permit, you may want to consider endowing a specific program. Choose a program you have always enjoyed or perhaps an educational service we provide that you truly believe in. Give us a call to discuss your ideas.

For further information about making a planned gift to Lakeland Public Television please contact Katie Carter at 800-292-0922 ext 118 or 218-333-3018 & email: [email protected].

Thank you for considering Lakeland Public Television in your estate plans.