Minnesota Capitol Art Input Session in Bemidji

Bemidji residents were invited to the American Indian Resource Center to give their input on what art should be in the capitol building in Saint Paul. The building is currently being restored after remaining the same for 110 years.
Posted On 01 Dec 2015

Common Ground 704 – Native Art Picker

Kevin Mahto, a native man of the Fort Yates, Standing Rock Indian Reservation scours pawn shops to recover Native Art for exhibits.  Poetry by Jamison Mahto. Kevin Mahto visits Ideal Pawn in Bemidji, to recover Native Art that otherwise would not be seen. He sells art works as...

Profile- Erika Hagberg Madame Bling

Erika Hagberg of Tromald, MN (Brainerd Lakes area) created a sculpture inspired by thermography with her daughter to increase awareness of cancer detection and treatment. For more of her art visit Moon Bay Designs.

Common Ground 702 – Peasants with Torches

Tom Page of Cohasset prepares paintings of artists and Musicians for a 2014 multi-media event in Grand Rapids, MN, Peasants with Torches. Music by Sam Miltich. Artist Tom Page (his sculptures featured in the season 5 Common Ground premiere) brings together musicians from our...

Common Ground 701 – Bemidji Symphony Orchestra

Meet key players of The Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, learn its history and become immersed in a dress rehearsal of Mozart’s Requiem. In this Season 7 premiere episode meet Conductor Beverly Everett, Concertmaster Melanie Hanson, Executive Director MaryAnne Wilimek, board member...

Hackensack Chainsaw Event

The annual Hackensack Chainsaw Event kicked off earlier this morning. The event is known for inviting artists from around the U.S. to show just how talented they are at sculpting a piece of wood with a chainsaw. In it’s eleventh year, people from across the U.S. continue to...

Community Spotlight: Northland Arboretum Fall Art Show

Several talented local artist came out on Saturday to the Northland Arboretum to host an art show and sale. Linda Causton and several of her friends organized the show. Each artist was able to exhibit their own individual art work and style. It was an evening of fine art and...
Posted On 07 Sep 2015

In Focus: Talley Gallery Opens with “Intersections”

Bemidji State University’s Talley Gallery opened up for the year on Thursday, featuring visual artist Karen Gustafson’s exhibit, “Intersections.” It blends both science and art with a magnified look at what makes up processed and natural foods, and even...
Posted On 28 Aug 2015

In Focus: Bemidji Sculpture Walk

A series of “Meet the Sculptor” presentations are going on in Bemidji, and this week’s InFocus takes a look into the second event. The featured artist this week is Native American Simon Zornes of Zerkel. He specializes in the native rock and wood medium, telling...
Posted On 07 Aug 2015

In Focus: Franklin Art Center Gallery is Out Of This World

Space, the last frontier. This month it has been closer to Brainerd than normal. June at the Franklin Art Center has a gallery honoring the 50th anniversary of the first space walk. The exhibit includes aliens, dragons, droids and other animals in a space themed fantasy that...

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