Brainerd City Council Restarts City Administrator Search

Yesterday Brainerd City Council members sent Patrick Christopherson an email reminding him they will be having a special meeting to offer him the job of city administrator and to go over his future salary. The response they got was Christopherson withdrawing from the position....

Mathews Takes Manager Role

Bemidji is now the third city government in which Nate Mathews has held a leadership position. He’s been responsible for important projects in both previous Minnesota cities and has some plans for the future. Find out more about the story here.

Brainerd Food Truck Ordinance Vetoed

For only the second time in almost two decades, Brainerd Mayor James Wallin used his veto. Last Thursday Mayor Wallin vetoed two ordinances that would allow food trucks in to the city parks. It also wouldn’t allow them to serve food within 300 feet of any restaurant or bar that...

Brainerd Searches For Two New City Officials

Fire Chief Kevin Stunek serves about 4 decades with Brainerd Fire Department and Patrick Wussow served as City Administrator for little over a year. To hire a new fire chief Brainerd is getting the help of the Police and Fire Civil Service Commission. They will receive...

City Manager Interviews

Bemidji’s city council interviewed five candidates on Tuesday, March 3 with the goal of narrowing it down by the end of the day. Find out more about the process here.

Darrel Olson is Back as Mayor of Baxter

Baxter’s Mayor Darrel Olson got a rare 30 days away from the mayor’s desk this month. It happened after the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) of Minnesota informed Mayor Olson last year that while filing for his retirement benefits a year and a half earlier a rare...

Bemidji City Council Discusses Developing Old High School Site

  Plans for developing the old Bemidji High School site near the corner of 15th Street and Bemidji Avenue are taking shape. At a work session tonight, the economic development organization Greater Bemidji and a developer presented their proposal for the project to the city...
Posted On Apr. 14 2014
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Bemidji City Council Ordinance to Amend Charter on Vacant Office Protocol

Appoint or elect…that is the question.  Bemidji City Council members are reviewing a second reading of an ordinance that would change the way a vacant office shall be filled. It all started when Reed Olson was appointed by Council Members to fill Rita Albrecht’s seat in...

City Council Delays Plans to Clean Up South Shore of Lake Bemidji

  The Bemidji City Council had to make a tough decision on Monday, concerning the fate of the South Shore beach project at Lake Bemidji.  If the project were to go forth this year, bids need to be made in May so decisions on how to fund the project have to be settled...

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