Northwoods Adventure – Nisswa Winter Jubilee

With temperatures well below zero over the weekend, those wanting to attend the Nisswa Winter Jubilee had two choices: bundle up and brave the cold, or stay at home and miss the fun. The 43rd installment of the annual wintertime event featured temperatures around -20, but those...

Police Department Releases Details on BSU Student Found Outside

The Bemidji Police Department is trying to piece together clues of what happened to the 19-year-old Bemidji State University student who was found unconscious in the snow Sunday morning. They say Hannah Rolschau, of Zimmerman, Minnesota, was lying outdoors for a considerable time...

Keeping Livestock Warm During the Winter

People aren’t the only Minnesotans the freezing temperatures effect. The Minnesota livestock also have to adapt to the subzero temperatures during the Minnesota winters. Dairy cows that live in barns can produce enough body warmth to heat the barn and not lose milk production....

Pet Safety during the Winter

Winter is here and the cold temperatures affect your favorite four legged family members the same way the cold affects their owners. The Beltrami Humane Society offers several safety precautions to take to ensure your pet is healthy this winter.

Autopsy Report: Bemidji Girl, 6, Died from Hypothermia

  We have new information about the 6-year-old Bemidji girl who died Thursday morning after being exposed to subzero temperatures.  Initial autopsy reports show that the victim died from hypothermia. On Friday at the front doorway of Washington Avenue Apartments, a memorial...

How Low Temperatures Impact Northern Minnesota

  Winter is here with a vengeance. Weather conditions are keeping Northern Minnesota residents up on their toes.  Keeping warm during the winter is second nature to residents in Bemidji.  But these extremely low temperatures have caught even some of the long-time residents...

Airport Adjustments for Cold

  Cold weather causes problems for all kinds of machinery.  The Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport takes great measure to ensure proper functioning of planes and much more.  We get a glimpse of de-icing in sub-zero temperatures.
Posted On 02 Jan 2014

Extreme Weather impacts Winter Recreation

  Record early snowfall and and sub-zero temperatures make for excellent conditions for winter recreational activities, but this extreme weather seems to be keeping outdoor enthusiasts  indoors. Bemidji area recreational facilities say despite heavy snowfall and groomed...

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