Common Ground 615 – Lost Towns

A historian tours Lost Towns of Central and Northern Minnesota. Retired teacher, historian and author of the book series Lost Towns, Rhonda Fochs, takes Common Ground back in time with tours of Lincoln, Minnesota & Buena Vista, Minnesota. Through interviews with locals who...

Common Ground 611 – Artist Lindsey Owens & The Buena Vista Fall Color Festival

Follow student and artist Lindsey Owens as she creates interactive art for the Headwaters Science Center in Bemidji, explaining the importance of art in science for young women. Then tour The Buena Vista Fall Colors Festival at the Buena Vista Ski area for local history and...

Common Ground 609 – Bemidji’s Natural Choice Farmers Market

Tour the Bemidji’s Natural Choice Farmer’s Market, learning the importance of locally grown food, & locally made products then visit a farm where the food is grown. Bemidji, MN, January 22nd 2015. Duane Hayes, Cheryl Krystosek & Arianne Bagginstoss lend insight as...

Common Ground 608 – Rock Hounds Part 2

In this follow-up to Rock Hounds, follow faceter Chuck Durnan’s process as he demonstrates a spectacular cut he’s developed on a semi-precious stone. Bemidji, MN, January 15th 2015. Chuck Durnan of the Park Rapids area carries on knowledge he learned from his father at an early...

Common Ground 605 – Paul Bunyan Vintage Auto Club

The Paul Bunyan Vintage Auto Club brings classic and antique cars to a diverse show at the Bemidji High School; Kermit Anderson, “Ike” Eickhoff, & others speak on the club’s involvement in our community. Bemidji, MN, November 20th 2014. The Paul Bunyan Vintage Auto Club takes...

Common Ground 603 – E.W. Hallett

John Parsons explores the Crosby-Ironton history of local industrialist & philanthropist E.W. Hallett, his contributions to the community and his legacy. Bemidji, MN, November 6th 2014. From humble beginnings to an empire of industry, local businessman E.W. Hallett was...

Common Ground 601 – Beltrami County History Center

Common Ground’s Season Six premiere tours the opening day of The Beltrami County History Center’s new modular exhibits on Beltrami County’s history. Diverse contributions from the surrounding community, including The Leech Lake Tribal College & Elaine...
Posted On 17 Oct 2014
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Common Ground 519 – Farm Girls Candace Simar and Angela Foster

Two sisters reminisce in poetry and prose as they return to the family farm and share the triumphs and trials of their immigrant forbears. Candace Simar and Angela Foster walk viewers around the farm, which the family lost due to ill health in 1970, and across to the nearby...
Posted On 13 Mar 2014
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Common Ground 518 – Pirate Play Solway Elementary & Flutist Cody Blackbird

Common Ground follows the process as a theater evangelist initiates second graders into the joys of performing theater and in part two meets an award winning Native American flutist. Cate Belleveau, a long time Bemidji theatre advocate, shares her passion with Solway Elementary...
Posted On 06 Mar 2014
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Common Ground 517 – Communist Mayor & Serbian Sisters in Crosby/Ironton

Common Ground visits Crosby-Ironton to explore how iron mining has impacted both the politics and culture of the Cuyuna Range. The show begins by exploring what was stirring in Crosby that made the 1932 election of a Communist Mayor possible and then steps across to Ironton to...
Posted On 27 Feb 2014
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