Golden Apple: Cupcakes for a Cause

  For this week’s Golden Apple: Clearbrook-Gonvick students involved in the Impact organization creat cupcakes for a cause.

Brainerd Schools Big Event

425 members of the Brainerd community supported Brainerd’s public schools last weekend during The Big Event. The dinner event was filled with live auctions, silent auctions, bidding on your phone, high-low for a tablet and go-pro. All the trips and prizes were donated to the...

Golden Apple: Blood Drive

For this week’s Golden Apple, Bemidji High School’s Interact Club hosts a blood drive.

Golden Apple: PAES Labs Preparing Brainerd HS Students for Real World

Clocking in and getting to work. Some Brainerd High School students are getting real world work experience in the classroom to better prepared for the real world. The program is called PAES, which stands for Practical Assessment Exploration System, and for the last two years it’s...

NTC & BHS: Mechatronics Training Program

For this week’s Golden Apple: Eight students from Bemidji High School received their certificates of completion for the Mechatronics Training Program.

Golden Apple: Breakfast with the Warriors

Forestview Middle School is cooking up some extra excitement about their school’s breakfasts. Yesterday Forestview Middle School used money from a state grant to promote each student having a breakfast before class. While breakfast was the main event, Forestview’s students got a...

Golden Apple: FMS Plans For New Garden

Forestview Middle School is planning for a new garden. Crow Wing Energized is helping Forestview Middle School created a new garden to help Forestview and the local community have a healthier lifestyle. Crow Wing Energized says they have a lot of community support financially,...

Golden Apple: Forestview Middle School Tests Hearing and Vision

Forestview Middle School seventh graders were taking different kinds of tests this week to help with their learning. They were taking hearing and vision tests to make sure they’re able to see the board and hear their teachers. The students took a basic hearing and vision...

Golden Apple: Pillager Middle School’s Rube Goldberg Challenge

How many steps does it take you to take a picture? Mr. Herman’s Pillager Middle School 6th grade physical science class was assigned to figure out a way to take a picture in at least five steps. The project is geared to get the students more involved in their education. One group...

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