Wadena Police Honor Officer 10 Years After He Died While Serving

May 19th 2005 was Officer Peter Recsh’s last watch. Yesterday on the ten year anniversary of his death while serving Wadena, his police department honored his service with a bronze plaque inside Wadena Deer-Creek High School. The evening’s speakers told stories of Officer Resch...

New Memorial Celebrates All Veterans

Two years and $65,000 dollars later, Northern Beltrami County finally has a new veterans memorial. At a dedication ceremony today, veterans, family members, and friends turned up in red, white, and blue to show their support for all service men and women. The memorial features an...
Posted On Oct. 13 2014
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Mobile Riverine Force Museum Visits The Beltrami County Fair

It’s full of history, it’s on wheels, and it’s making a grand debut at this year’s Beltrami County Fair. The 48-foot long trailer commemorates members of the army and navy who served together in the Vietnam War in a mobile Riverine Force Memorial and...
Posted On Jul. 30 2014
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Hat Day Raises Money for Hypothermia Victim

  It was Hat Day for all the elementary schools in Bemidji Friday.  But it wasn’t just any Hat Day, it was a fundraiser to raise money and build a memorial for the 6-year-old girl who froze to death in February. There was excitement in the air, as students got to wear their...

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