Weather Not Allowing for Best Maple Syrup Flow

19 state in the US produce maple syrup and Minnesota is the western and northern most state to produce it. However this year, unseasonably warmer temperatures and low precipitation has slowed the amount of sap flowing through maple trees to produce syrup. The syrup season starts...

Golden Apple: Alpacas and Books

After reading a certain number of books, kids at Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Elementary were witnesses to their principal kissing an alpaca. Find out more about what happened here.

Liquor Laws In Review

The Minnesota legislature is again looking at the structure of liquor laws in the state. Part of the discussion will center around whether or not people can fill up growlers on Sundays. Find out more here.

Minnesota Fire Hazards

As temperatures rise and snow melts, conditions make wildfires possible. Find out about what the Department of Natural Resources in Minnesota says people need to do to stay safe here.

Golden Apple: Student College Experience

Student ambassadors helped four teams generate and present ideas for improving higher education Wednesday at a Gallery Walk on Bemidji State’s campus. Find out more here.

Thawing Ice

With temperatures in the 50s and potentially climbing, bodies of water in Minnesota are starting to become less safe to access. Find out more about potential problems here.

Native American Outreach

A community outreach event that featured food, singing and storytelling took place in Bena on Thursday. Find out more about this elder gathering here.

Old Central School

The Old Central School has been a host to local commerce since it was restored in the 1980s. Find out more about what changes could be coming to this historic building here.

City Manager Finalists

Only two candidates remained for Bemidji’s open city manager position after one dropped out due to personal reasons. Find out more about Monday’s final interviews here.

City Manager Interviews

Bemidji’s city council interviewed five candidates on Tuesday, March 3 with the goal of narrowing it down by the end of the day. Find out more about the process here.

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