Gathering of Elders

Youth conferences are held every month all over the tribal nations, but the two-day annual Gathering of Elders event in Red Lake focused on older generations. 300 people attended the gathering, which featured 22 informational booths on tribal programs and services for elders....

Community Spotlight: World Thinking Day

For this week’s Community Spotlight, find out how Bemidji Girl Scouts​ are creating peace through partnerships in honor of World Thinking Day.

Community Spotlight: Speaker talks to BSU about Ojibwe Culture

For this week’s Community Spotlight, guest speaker Adrian Liberty discusses Ojibwe philosophy and culture at Bemidji State University.

Leech Lake Tribal College Has New Library

Leech Lake Tribal College’s new $2.7 million library is now open. The new library has 9,000 square feet of space and includes state-of-the-art technology!

Common Ground 614 – Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

Woodworker Maxwell Kelsey of Bemidji creates authentic, accurate replicas of fur-trade era Ojibwe Lacrosse sticks. Follow artist Maxwell Kelsey as he carves traditional Ojibwe lacrosse sticks. Inspired from an Italian museum photo, and driven to help revive the native game for...

Common Ground 613 – Chef Sean Sherman’s Indigenous Cuisine

Chef Sean Sherman brings Dakota and Ojibwe pre-contact inspired meals to fine dining, using traditional foraged and cultivated ingredients. Join Chef Sean Sherman as he forages wild ingredients gathered for an RSVP fine dining meal prepared at Harmony Natural Foods Co-op’s...

In Focus: Julia Lee’s New Novel “Seven Stones”

There are many published authors in the world, but not many are under the age of thirty and live in northern Minnesota. Julia Lee may be a young author, but her soon-to-be-published novel shows evidence of wisdom beyond her years. For this week’s In Focus, our Catherine...

Golden Apple: Niigaane Immersion School

It’s been decades since anyone has heard Anishinaabe children regularly speaking their native language, but that’s happening every day at the Niigaane Immersion School. At Niigaane, students learn the usual school subjects, but are entirely immersed in the Ojibwe...

Leech Lake 2014 State of the Band Address

Thursday was a day of celebration for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. Tribal Chairwoman Carri Jones delivered her second state of the band address to a crowd of hundreds. State lawmakers and other community leaders watched as Chairwoman Jones highlighted the band’s social...

Brainerd reconciles with four Native American Tribes

In 1872 a mob lynched two White Earth Native Americans, who were thought to have killed a Brainerd girl, but were never found guilty. Now almost a century and a half later the City of Brainerd offered their reconciliation of the lynching to four local Native American tribes....

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